The Mirabell and Metropol are two Munich hotels owned by Maier Privathotels. Family-run for over 25 years, these establishments are sanctuaries of hospitality. As a guest, you can enjoy exquisite service and an extremely friendly atmosphere. The rooms and suites feature beautiful interior design, while the breakfast is a real masterpiece.

The Maier family’s unique style is found in both establishments. Experience unmistakeable flair: authentic and down-to-earth, yet palpably urban. Traditional and cosmopolitan, informal and open-minded. Just like the Bavarian capital itself. 

When are you coming to stay?

Hotel Mirabell München Studio
Metropol München Suite



“What can we do for you?” is the question that inspires us, drives us on and makes us better. We are here to ensure that you have a lovely stay. With genuine warmth, special comforts and a definite je ne sais quoi. We are here to make you feel at home.


We design our own rooms and suites. We love good design and we seek inspiration from our travels around the world. We include the beautiful, the joyful and the genuine. We combine bold colours with soft shades; bright wallpapers with gentle textures. All with an eye for detail and a love of timeless design classics.


Standing still is not one of our strengths. We are always in motion. It is a question of attitude: What is important? Is there scope for more? We are already looking forward to tomorrow. We bravely try out new things. We are full of enthusiasm and bang on trend. When we are sure about a new idea, we roll up our sleeves and crack on. The advantage of family hotels: decisions can be made quickly.


Munich and its surrounding area are home to some exquisite foods. We source as many products as possible from the local region. We care about our relationships with our suppliers: we know each other, and we know what we are going to get. It is why we are able to serve you a scrumptious, fresh breakfast, and all with a good conscience. Enjoy Bavarian delicacies, healthy juices, cereals and fruits, as well as fortifying bread rolls, egg dishes and coffee specialities.


The Maier family and our team have been working together for many years – we are a well-oiled machine. We are here for each other. We work together to cultivate the special flair of the establishments. We value each other’s opinion, character and personality. Everyone can be just as they are. Everything is genuine. We laugh a lot, discuss things together, and sometimes disagree. Just like real families. It is something that enriches us and our work, each and every day.


As a family company, we value and support small business and other family businesses, including tradesmen, artists, suppliers and more. We act responsibly – both towards our employees, who are the heart and soul of our hotel, and towards others. We support numerous social and cultural projects within Munich and participate in the “Inclusion in Bavaria” campaign. Through our One Planet- One Future concept, we play a big part in protecting the environment and sustaining important resources.

Hotel Mirabell Loft

Suitcase wheels and car radios. Weaving through the busy streets. This is Munich: the Maternal Goddess, the Gateway to the South. Watermelons glisten in the sparkling sunlight below the awning of a greengrocer’s, the asphalt smells of summer, and large letters reveal your destination: MIRABELL. The glazed sliding door opens like the entrance to a tranquil fairground ride: wonderfully cool air, air conditioning… they get it.

Finally in your room. Shoes off. Hummingbirds laugh from the wallpaper. Turn the music on and enjoy! And now, outside: the city calls and we want to enjoy everything – to walk the familiar and unfamiliar streets and to forge new pathways.

Magnificent cakes at Luitpold, just as they were 100 years ago – a great tip from the hotel’s Grande Dame. You can enjoy pretzels and Weißwurscht sausage at breakfast in the morning. Honey from the honeycomb, local organic yoghurt, so creamy that you are almost too full to enjoy a second coffee… almost. What time does our train depart this afternoon?


Hotel Metropol München Suite

A surprisingly quiet side street, just a hop, skip and a jump from the main train station. Warm lighting and panelled walls. The wood reveals a sense of pride at the job it fulfils in the lobby. Fine velvet chairs, fir green, a pink sofa, bold and elegant. This design is beyond convention and classification.

A Nespresso, Ristretto Decaffeinato, and then the evening call home. Suitcase in the dressing room, mobile phone plugged in to charge, flight mode on, and then simply relaxing. Just relaxing.

In the morning, your usual seat at the usual table. The freshly printed newspaper, crunchy fruit to go with the organic yoghurt from the alpine pasture and, of course, a dollop of honey fresh from the honeycomb. Everything feels like a holiday, despite my smart shirt. And I have only just arrived.